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BHPA Weather Links

Current conditions at surface stations

  • XC Weather - current wind direction and speed recorded by weather stations are displayed graphically on a UK map. You can also hover over a particular weather station for more detailed information about current conditions at that location, and a forecast for the next 48hrs or so.
  • SkyLinkWeather - current wind directions and weather are displayed graphically on a UK map. You can also view more detailed information about wind speed and direction, temperature and pressure recorded at a particular station by selecting it from a drop down list.
  • National Data Buoy Center - the location of weather buoys around the UK coastline are displayed on a map. You can click on a particular buoy to view current conditions at that location.
  • Wendy Windblows - subscribers can access a series of automatic weather stations on hang gliding and paragliding sites round the UK.

Weather Forecasts

Other Weather Links

Page last updated: 15 May 2013