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The BHPA is a member of the The Royal Aero Club
The BHPA is a member of The Royal Aero Club of the United Kingdom

The BHPA is a member of the European Hang Gliding & Paragliding Union
The BHPA is a member of The European Hang Gliding & Paragliding Union

In recent years the BHPA has made several major improvements to the way it ensures that Instructors and certain other licence holders are fully current.

One of these improvements made by the FSC is the introduction of a coach revalidation system to ensure that all licensed Club Coaches and Senior Coaches are fully current and active. This should minimise the chances of any accidents occurring during coaching activity, and it should also help minimise the legal exposure of any coach if the worst came to the worst.

The BHPA coach revalidation system simply requires all Club Coaches and Senior Coaches to have a declaration of support signed by the Club's Chief Coach at membership renewal time.
e.g. As the licence holder's Chief Coach, I can confirm that he/she continues to be a valuable active member of the club's coaching team.

In the unlikely event of the club having no nominated Chief Coach, the club Chairman should sign this declaration.

The FSC also recommends that coaches should re-attend the Coach Course at least every five years to ensure that nothing gets forgotten and that they are fully up-to-date with current thinking. The club coach course fee is currently £35 per participant, but this is reduced to £25 for a retake.

An additional box has also been added to BHPA membership renewal forms for current coach licence holders. This box can be ticked if the member no longer wishes hold a Coach Licence.

Page last updated: 07 June 2019