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BHPA insurance document

Those who may need to confirm, for their own satisfaction or perhaps to reassure a landowner or potential customer, just what the BHPA's 3rd-party insurance covers are reminded that the Association's 'Evidence of Insurance' document is available here.

Posted: 5 October 2021
By: J. Schofield

Bird sanctuaries: avoid!

North Norfolk's Blakeney Point nature reserve has reported numerous paramotor pilots flying low over the beach. Such activity puts wildlife at risk. With local seals about to pup, disturbance from paramotors may cause havoc in a birthing seal colony.

Bird sanctuaries are marked on quarter- and half-mil Aeronautical charts and online airspace tools. They are usually circles of 1 or 1.5nm radius, although some are larger. Upper limits may be as low as 500ft but can go to 2, 3 and even 4000ft asl. The UK Air Pilot lists 16 of these; all but three have permanent year-round protection. As well as bird life, they are often breeding grounds for other aquatic creatures.

Flying is not prohibited in these areas, but pilots are specifically requested to avoid them, especially during any stated breeding season. BHPA members or not, paramotor pilots low flying in the area give our sport a bad name! 

Posted: 5 October 2021
By: J. Schofield

British Hang Gliding Competition Panel Vacancies

Two valued competition panel members and the scorer have announced a decision to retire from the competition panel.

The panel would like to thank Tim King for 12 years service on the panel and Phil Chettleburgh for over 10 years as our scorer. Both have given a large commitment to British hang gliding and have conducted a multitude of other competition related tasks.

Additionally the panel would like to thank Jenny Buck who has not only been a panel member but has done an excellent job directing their national competitions for a number of years.  Jenny will continue meet directing but must retire from the panel in order to become our BHPA representative.

This leaves the panel with vacancies for two panel members and a scorer.

The competition panel has a number of duties and as a member you would be expected to contribute to some of the following tasks:

  • Attending panel meetings via Zoom (as and when required, usually no more than one a month)
  • Attending annual panel meeting in person
  • Selection of British Team members
  • Deciding dates / locations of competitions
  • Organising the British Nationals
  • Organising British Open Series rounds
  • Organising access to Met information
  • Appointing scorers
  • Appointing safety committee
  • Writing local competition rules
  • Securing trophies
  • Securing gifts / T shirts
  • Organising meals during competitions
  • Selecting individuals for awards
  • Appointing meet directors
  • Appointing team manager where applicable
  • Decisions on budget allocation
  • Arrange NOTAMS / CANP for competitions
  • Filling roles of Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary
  • Panel members are expected to serve for two years

If more than the two volunteers are received, then pilots who participate in the BOS / Nationals will be given a vote as to who to elect to the panel.

Expressions of interest for panel members and scorer should be sent to Darren Brown at

DEADLINE: 1st October 2021

Posted: 15 September 2021
By: Paul Dancey

Ed Potter: lifetime achievement

Veteran hang glider pilot Ed Potter Veteran hang glider pilot Ed Potter - multiple Loxely Trophy winner, sea-breeze expert and all-round nice bloke - has been running his own company since 1971. Delta-T Devices is a co-operative, designing and manufacturing soil moisture sensors to global acclaim.

The governing body of the UK co-operative movement has seen fit to honour Ed with a Lifetime Achievement award. 'His vision for an ethical, people-focused tech business and democratic decision making has never wavered,' says their citation, 'and his enthusiasm inspires people throughout the co-operative community.' Nice work Ed, we salute you!

Posted: 30 August 2021
By: J. Schofield

CAA EC rebate now open to CPs

The CAA Rebate scheme for Electronic Conspicuity devices, previously only open to Pilot-rated members, is now open to CP rated pilots too.

Posted: 30 August 2021
By: J. Schofield

New e-learning resource

A new site from Touching Cloudbase author Ian Currer offers  video lessons and theory modules optimised for laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Posted: 30 August 2021
By: J. Schofield

XCBuddy app

Jeremy Soper has created a web app, XCBuddy, which analyses XC tracklog files, instantaneously generating numerical and graphical flight reports on glide and climb performance for hang gliders, paragliders and sailplanes. As glides and thermals are collated over multiple flights, polar curves and corresponding speed-to-fly curves emerge from the averages.

Multiple same-day flights can be used to compare competition tactics, whilst flights logged over long periods can detect performance deterioration due to wing ageing, and gains from improvements in technique. Check it out here.

Posted: 13 August 2021
By: J. Schofield

St Hilaire festival

St Hilaire 2021The Coupe Icare organisers are doing everything possible to make the famous festival happen on September 12th - 19th. Daniel Raibon-Pernoud insists that the event, his last as head of the team, will take place. The film festival has two year's worth of flying films to get through and should be a humdinger.

All the usual attractions - trade fair, testival, airshow, film screenings, tandem rides, kids' attractions and the fly-down carnival - are planned in and will go ahead in some form. Daniel and his team are to be commended for their belief in the festival and their determination to run it come what may. Information and updates are on Facebook and Twitter, and also here.

Posted: 13 August 2021
By: J. Schofield

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