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Kilimanjaro flight

In September British paraglider pilot Matt Sudlow flew from the 19,300ft summit of Kilimanjaro as part of the Wings of Kilimanjaro charity expedition.

Kilimanjaro was flown in 1979 by British hang glider pilot Ashley Doubtfire and three others, and again in 1981 by Bill and Steve Moyes. There have been numerous attempts since, all hampered by the extreme altitude and the protective attitude of the Tanzanian government. Most recently Nepali pilot Babu Sunawar flew tandem from the summit in 2013.

Posted: 19 December 2016
By: Paul Dancey

Christmas Holiday

The BHPA office will be closed for the Christmas holiday from end of Thursday 22nd of December 2016 until Tuesday 3rd of January 2017.

Posted: 1 December 2016
By: Paul Dancey

World goal record goes to 600km!

André WolfThe Brazilian record season has begun in fine style with both hang gliding and paragliding and world distance records falling on October 13th. Brazilians André Wolf (Moyes Litespeed RX3.5) and Glauco Pinto (Icaro Laminar 14) flew 612km from Tacima to Paraíba to overtake Clauco's 2015 own South American open distance record of 578km. The pair are also claiming the world straight distance to goal record at 603.5km, set at 557km back in 2012 by Glauco with Jon Durand.

On the same day and over the same route, Brazilian pilots Samuel Nascimento (Gin Boom 10), Donizete Lemos and Rafael Saladini (Ozone Enzo 2) flew 564.3km to beat the world open-distance record of 514km set by Donizete with Frank Brown and Marcelo Prieto in 2015. Respect to all concerned; these are stupendous flights over colossal distances. These provisional details are of course subject to FAI ratification.

A breathless Andre Wolf writes ..."Yesterday was a special day in my life. Taking off from Tacima with my friend Glauco Pinto, together we beat the world declared goal record of with 603km and the South American record away free at 612km. We took off at 7.15 and flew practically the whole time together, wing to wing. Taking decisions together really accelerated the flight.

"The day was historic for Brazilian free flight ... Donizete, Rafael and Samuel broke the world record for paraglider free distance flying 564km, proving that they are real monsters. I thank them for their friendship and their huge knowledge about the flying as a team.

"I would like to thank Moyes for my wonderful RX3.5 wing ... and Nene Rotor for the extraordinary and revolutionary harness so that I could handle the ten hours and 20 minutes hanging in the skies. I also want to thank Glauco Pinto for sharing his experience gained from many years flying here. I am currently in Quixadá ... still taken of emotion, energy and adrenaline for being part of this historic day. This was without doubt the most exciting flight of my life!"

Posted: 23 November 2016
By: Paul Dancey

Parafest 2017

Parafest 2017Now in its third year, Parafest dates for 2017 are confirmed as June 30th - July 2nd. The venue at Caerwys is the same spectacular site, near Prestatyn on the North Wales coast, as this year's very successful event. Paramotors, paragliders, hang gliders, powered hang gliders and SSDRs will all be equally welcome, and of course non-pilots and children too.

The 2017 event will have greater emphasis on non-flying entertainment to live up to its family-friendly tag. With a stage and bar already booked, the line-up is growing fast. Fire-breathing circus acrobats and Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd tribute acts are already confirmed and the organisers are negotiating with a top 80s tribute act for the Saturday night. There will also be a BHPA parachute repack at the event.

There will be no winching activity this year, but powered pilots will be able to use the massive field next to the festival site. Many North Wales sites are within easy driving distance and experienced local flyers will be on hand to brief visitors. Pilots should be able to glide back from one nearby site and land at the festival if conditions allow.

Camping fields will be open from the weekend before the festival starts (June 24) so you can arrive early, grab the best pitch and enjoy what Wales has to offer. Parafest is organised by the Paramotor Party Boyz, '... a select and altruistic group of fly-hard, play-hard pilots. If you only go to one UK flying event next year you need to make sure it's the best - go to Parafest!'

For further information please visit the Parafest Face Book page or the Parafest website.

Posted: 23 November 2016
By: Paul Dancey

Judith Mole resigns

Elected to the BHPA Exec in February this year, Judith Mole has, with considerable regret, resigned her post citing personal reasons. We thank her for her contribution to Exec and wish her well for the future.

Posted: 3 November 2016
By: Paul Dancey

Foxtug starts towing

FoxTugFlylight's new FoxTug SSDR "nanolight" trike, first flown in August, made its inaugural hang glider tow flights at Croft Farm, Defford, home of the Malvern Aerotow Club, on September 19th.

Several flights were made with owner Donald MacKenzie at the controls and five different pilots on tow; no major problems were encountered. Average climb rates were from 8 - 1100ft/min, mostly to 2,000ft but on one occasion to 5,000ft in five minutes.

Tow speeds varied from 29 (flexwings) to 33 mph (rigids), a key attraction when most 582-powered XL tugs tow at closer to 40 mph; all the pilots involved said that the Foxtug transformed the experience.

More testing is planned and a pilot manual is being written. The FoxTug, purpose-designed by Ben Ashman at Flylight, uses a 65hp Rotax 582 and features electric CG-shift trimming, rapid folding, a compact hangar footprint and very low noise signature.

Posted: 31 October 2016
By: Paul Dancey

Kobo & XCSoar help

Nev Almond has put a website together to help with the basics of converting Kobos and using XCSoar. The Kobo Self Build section covers subjects such as the suitability of the various models, how to back-up the internal SD Card, how to dissemble, how to use the serial port, how to connect various instrument options, and finishing.

The XCSoar section covers how to get started quickly, how to connect to Kobo/XCsoar devices to add maps, waypoints or airspace, how to create maps, airspace, Notam and waypoint files, and how to upgrade. The website can be found at www.gethighstayhigh.co.uk.

Posted: 31 October 2016
By: Paul Dancey

RAeC Trust bursaries

Early warning that applications for Royal Aero Club Trust bursaries close on March 31st.

Last year the Trust awarded 50 bursaries to youngsters of up to 21 years to advance their existing air sport qualifications and further their dreams. New rules allow previous winners of up to 24 years to make further progress. The awards, of up to £1,000, are made possible by the generosity of the RAeC, the Peter Cruddas Foundation, the MacRobert Trust and the aviation-specific Bramson and Breitling resources.

Earlier this year BHPA members Ryan Jenkins (14) and Joe and John Ashman all received substantial cash support to pursue their flying goals, and in 2015 Theo Warden's bursary enabled him to pursue SIV training - and look what happened to him!

If you are between 14 and 21 and financial assistance would help you progress, please visit the Royal Aero Club Trust website. Every young BHPA pilot should apply!

Posted: 31 October 2016
By: Paul Dancey

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