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Skywings News - 2024

Safety Notice Gin Carve 2 and Falcon 2 paragliders

Gin have issued the following safety notice for their Carve 2 and Falcon 2 paragliders.

During a high-G manoeuvre at high wing loading on a well-used Carve 2, the trim webbing failed. The pilot successfully deployed their reserve. The webbing had failed at the point of attachment to a square metal buckle.

Gin Gliders have decided to supply a replacement riser for all Carve 2 and Falcon 2 models. The replacement riser features a 20mm carabiner instead of the square metal buckle, a more robust Dyneema webbing for the trim webbing, and 20mm webbing for the backup material.

Pilots should refrain from flying these gliders and contact their Gin dealer or importer to arrange to have the replacement riser fitted. Pilots should also be reminded to be extra vigilant during their pre-flight checks, particularly before flying high-G manoeuvres at high wing loadings.

A full copy of the safety notice can be downloaded from the Gin website and is also available in the manufacturers safety notices section of this website.

Posted: 2 April 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Hang glider border hassle?

A BHPA member reported difficulties at French customs in February when entering the EU with a hang glider on the roof of their car. The border guard was adamant that some kind of new paperwork has been required since the beginning of 2024.

Normally a hang glider would be regarded as personal sports equipment and the temporary export and subsequent re-import of the glider (for example having visited the EU for a competition) is declared 'by conduct', where the act of crossing the border counts as your declaration. You should not need to fill out any forms.

In the reported case the difficulty was laid aside due to the build-up of a huge queue. Nevertheless it is unclear whether new rules regarding import/re-export ('temporary export') are in place. If confirmed, it might trouble British hang glider pilots heading to competitions in the Alps.

We ask all hang glider pilots travelling to the EU to be careful (and polite!) when crossing borders with a glider. Please report details of any difficulties to the BHPA Chairman. There doesn't seem to be any issue with paragliders as these appear to be 'just a rucksack'.

Posted: 20 March 2024
By: J. Schofield

RAeC Trust Bursary Scheme

Royal Aero Club Trust Last call for the Royal Aero Club Trust's 2024 Bursary Awards scheme for young people, Several BHPA recipients have gone on to great things in their respective fields - financial leg-up early in your career can have immeasurable positive effects.

Pursuing flying can be expensive; the bursary scheme represents, pretty much, free money at a time when you don't have much. In the last few years the Trust has awarded over 150 bursaries to young pilots (aged 14-21 or, in the case of a follow-on bursary, up to 24) in a wide range of air sports.

Several young paraglider and hang glider pilots have benefited from the Trust's largesse to further their flying aims, one of whom went on to become European Paragliding Champion. If you want to develop proficiency in your discipline, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the scheme.

The closing date for 2024 applications is March 31st.

Full details and application forms are available on the Royal Aero Club Trust's website, and a Royal Aero Club Trust Bursary Information Pack is available for download on the our website.

Posted: 26 February 2024
By: Paul Dancey


A final reminder that the Association's 2024 AGM will take place this Saturday, 24th February 2024, at Loughborough University's Holywell Park Conference Centre (LE11 3GR) at 11.00 am.

BHPA Exec members Marc Asquith, Ed Cunliffe, Angus Pinkerton and Martin Heywood are standing for re-election, and Stuart Blackburn from the SE Wales club is standing for election.

The AGM offers an opportunity to quiz Exec members on their achievements and on the future direction of the Association, and all members are welcome to attend. The meeting will also be streamed on the BHPA Facebook page.

An updated BHPA 2024 AGM pack is available for download on this web site. This includes the official notice for the meeting, the business to be conducted, including approving an amendment to the Association's Memorandum and Articles of Association, and copies of reports due to be presented at the meeting.

Posted: 21 February 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Safety Notice Skywalk Tapa X-Alps

Skywalk Tapa X-Alps During a simulated rescuer throw of a TAPA X-ALPS (size 105), a small piece of the fabric from the inner container was caught by the retrieval lines. The photo shows how the fabric piece was pulled into the elastic line loop.

Despite releasing the retrieval line package, the inner container remained blocked by the fabric piece and remained closed.

As a result Skywalk has released a safety notice indicating the action needed to eliminate this potential risk.

A full copy of the safety notice is available on the Skywalk Website and is also available on the Importers & Manufacturers Safety Notices page on this website.

Posted: 9 February 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Update - Membership forms back online

BHPA membership forms are back online after yesterday's maintenance window, and everything seems to be working as it should. If you experience any issues please let me know. The new system has been extensivly tested, but it's nigh on impossible to test every possible membership option combination.

The most obvious change is that applicants can now attach any requested support documentation to their application. This is really aimed at new Microlight/SSDR pilots and those joining through the alternative entry system. But it will also help to streamline the process for members with BHPA licences when renewing their membership. Behind the scenes we've also tried to improve the functionality of the process and added additional security checks.

Posted: 7 February 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Suffolk club: Free hangie winch ratings

Suffolk Hang Gliding WinchSuffolk Hang Gliding are offering free tuition to anyone seeking a winch tow rating in 2024.

They also offer a hang gliding refresher course for anyone wanting to regain currency, under the watchful eyes of the club's four senior tow coaches and many club coaches.

The club's base, at Mendlesham near Ipswich, has long runways facing most wind directions, giving an average tow height of around 1,000ft at a cost of £2 per tow. On any reasonable day at least 60% of the pilots at the field will go XC. Club membership costs just £36 per year.

The Suffolk team is working towards a BHPA Instructor assessment to enable the club to assist pilots from other schools to complete the CP syllabus. It is hoped to begin in late summer after the harvest, when the entire area becomes a landing zone. Anyone interested in any of the above courses should contact Steve Meadows for details.

Posted: 2 February 2024
By: J. Schofield

Ramón Morillas: another paramotor altitude record

Ramón Morillas and passenger Carlos Peña On December 23rd, Ramón Morillas and passenger Carlos Peña took a foot-launched paramotor to 7,186m (24,898ft), using oxygen, to claim not only the absolute foot-launched tandem altitude record, but also the fastest tandem climb to 6,000m at 1 hour 40 minutes.

The pair were flying a Niviuk Takoo 5/PAP Tinox 1500 outfit, powered by Vittorazi's Cosmos 300 engine, from Cenes de la Vega near Granada. Ramón, four times world champion, has held the solo foot-launched altitude record at 7,589m since 2009.

Posted: 2 February 2024
By: J. Schofield

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