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Safety Note: Advance Progress 3/Easiness 2 harness

Advance have issued a safety Notice for their Progress 3 and Easiness 2 Harnesses (certain serial numbers)

In a reported incident the yellow plastic release splint came away from the reserve handle so that the parachute could not be released. Owners of these harnesses (Progress 3 harnesses with serial numbers lower than 1147390, and Easiness 2 harnesses with serial numbers lower than 1147140) must immediately inspect the reserve handle - the handle and reserve container may need to be changed before the next flight. Replacements will be provided by Advance free of charge.

Full details are available on the Advance website, A copy of the safety notice can also be found on the manufacturer and importer safety notices page in the Safety Section of our website.

Posted: 5 June 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Safety Advisory: aluminium components and sea air

corroded brummel hookA pilot flying a paraglider at a coastal site recently reported a failure of the aluminium Brummel hook (sometimes called sister hooks) that connected his paraglider's speed bar. This pilot flew regularly at the coast, and when checking found that the hooks on both sides had been badly corroded, almost certainly as a result of repeated exposure to sea air.

The connection point was enclosed in a neoprene sheath and the damage was not apparent until the covering had been peeled away.

Following this report, FSC has issued a Safety Advisory to draw attention to the possible corrosion of aluminium parts resulting from repeated exposure to sea air.

A full copy of the advisory issued is available on the Safety Advisories page in the Safety Section of this website.

Posted: 5 June 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Brits win European Paragliding Championships!

June 1st: Despite the presence of a very strong French team, the British team took the lead after the 7th task and didn't look back. Maxime Pinot led from Day 2 and took individual Gold.

Seb Ospina won the 4th task and remained in strong contention throughout, climbing the rankings to take individual Silver. Dylan Mansley flew extremely well, holding 6th place at one point to eventually finish 18th. The French pilots faltered on Task 7 and were never able to catch up, eventually setting for team Silver ahead of Slovenia. Top woman Constance Mettetal led from Day 1 to take Gold.   

Hats off to Seb, Dylan, Martin Long, Richard Meek, Jacob Butterworth Grant Oseland and Magdalena Janaway on a brilliant win ... and to Maxime Pinot, Constance Mettetal and the French team! 

Posted: 1 June 2024
By: Joe Schofield

Hike & fly world record

Tanguy Renaud-GoudTanguy Renaud-Goud achieved a new hike-and-fly world record on April 26th, climbing (and descending) 17,534m in 24 hours. In that time he ascended over 800m on foot no less than 22 times, to a take-off at Le Criou near Les Deux-Alpes.

Tanguy, a Bornes to Fly and X-Alps 2023 veteran, flew Niviuk's Kode P 16 wing during daylight hours. At night he switched to the single-surface Skin 3 P 20 to better accommodate any katabatic wind.

He had first taken the record in June 2021 at 13,390m, losing it to Brit Andy Symonds (16,697m) in May 2022. The original record was set in 2018 by Lukas Hofer: 13,040m at Italy's Kronplatz. With the exception of Andy Symonds' 2022 record using an Ozone XXlite 2, all attempts have involved Niviuk lightweight equipment.

Posted: 31 May 2024
By: J. Schofield

Green Dragons hangie training at GBAR

Green Dragons Airsports will be running a full-time hang gliding school for the duration of the GBAR aerotowing event at Deenethorpe, Northants from May 24th to June 2nd. 

As well as trial days, EP and CP tow courses, tow conversions and CP Tow revision training, the team will also offer free BHPA Trainee Instructor and Operator development using the parallel-tow method. Training will include theory lessons.

To maximise flying there will only be six slots per day - book early to confirm a place. This intense training week represents a great opportunity for all hangie starters and improvers. For details, prices, booking, etc, go to the Greens Dragons' website.

Posted: 24 April 2024
By: J. Schofield

Safety Notice Gin Carve 2 and Falcon 2 paragliders

Gin have issued the following safety notice for their Carve 2 and Falcon 2 paragliders.

During a high-G manoeuvre at high wing loading on a well-used Carve 2, the trim webbing failed. The pilot successfully deployed their reserve. The webbing had failed at the point of attachment to a square metal buckle.

Gin Gliders have decided to supply a replacement riser for all Carve 2 and Falcon 2 models. The replacement riser features a 20mm carabiner instead of the square metal buckle, a more robust Dyneema webbing for the trim webbing, and 20mm webbing for the backup material.

Pilots should refrain from flying these gliders and contact their Gin dealer or importer to arrange to have the replacement riser fitted. Pilots should also be reminded to be extra vigilant during their pre-flight checks, particularly before flying high-G manoeuvres at high wing loadings.

A full copy of the safety notice can be downloaded from the Gin website and is also available in the manufacturers safety notices section of this website.

Posted: 2 April 2024
By: Paul Dancey

Hang glider border hassle?

A BHPA member reported difficulties at French customs in February when entering the EU with a hang glider on the roof of their car. The border guard was adamant that some kind of new paperwork has been required since the beginning of 2024.

Normally a hang glider would be regarded as personal sports equipment and the temporary export and subsequent re-import of the glider (for example having visited the EU for a competition) is declared 'by conduct', where the act of crossing the border counts as your declaration. You should not need to fill out any forms.

In the reported case the difficulty was laid aside due to the build-up of a huge queue. Nevertheless it is unclear whether new rules regarding import/re-export ('temporary export') are in place. If confirmed, it might trouble British hang glider pilots heading to competitions in the Alps.

We ask all hang glider pilots travelling to the EU to be careful (and polite!) when crossing borders with a glider. Please report details of any difficulties to the BHPA Chairman. There doesn't seem to be any issue with paragliders as these appear to be 'just a rucksack'.

Posted: 20 March 2024
By: J. Schofield

RAeC Trust Bursary Scheme

Royal Aero Club Trust Last call for the Royal Aero Club Trust's 2024 Bursary Awards scheme for young people, Several BHPA recipients have gone on to great things in their respective fields - financial leg-up early in your career can have immeasurable positive effects.

Pursuing flying can be expensive; the bursary scheme represents, pretty much, free money at a time when you don't have much. In the last few years the Trust has awarded over 150 bursaries to young pilots (aged 14-21 or, in the case of a follow-on bursary, up to 24) in a wide range of air sports.

Several young paraglider and hang glider pilots have benefited from the Trust's largesse to further their flying aims, one of whom went on to become European Paragliding Champion. If you want to develop proficiency in your discipline, take advantage of the opportunities offered by the scheme.

The closing date for 2024 applications is March 31st.

Full details and application forms are available on the Royal Aero Club Trust's website, and a Royal Aero Club Trust Bursary Information Pack is available for download on the our website.

Posted: 26 February 2024
By: Paul Dancey

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