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Skywings Archived News - June 2015

The Blorenge

Blorenge temporary mast location If you're thinking of flying the Blorenge in South Wales during June, please be aware that the SE Wales club has agreed to the installation of a temporary transmitter mast on the site from the 11th - 14th June 2015.

The mast will be sited on a trailer in the vicinity of the trig point and will be used as a repeater for coverage of a major cycling event in the area.

The mast will be around 17m tall and illuminated to improve visibility for pilots flying the site.

It will be powered by batteries and solar panels, with its own on-site security staff.

The following map indicates the approximate area in which this mast will be located, but is for guidance only as the exact location may vary slightly to ensure good reception.

Pilots intending to fly the Blorenge during this period, should take the location of this temporary mast into consideration if flying over the back of the hill.

Posted: 5 June 2015

HPA ornithopter on test

South African Greg Vandenberg is in the final stages of building a human-powered ornithopter.

Greg says full-size testing of the machine, six years in the making, in January demonstrated static and dynamic stability, responsive control, structural integrity and adequate lift.

A lightweight mechanism transfers pedal power to make the wings, that utilise parts from a Wills Wing hang glider, flap. "It's as if that you have inserted yourself into a bird's skeleton," Greg reports, "with all control input and response intuitive to that mind frame."

His goal is to compete for the last unsecured Kremer prize – £100,000 to promote the production of an aircraft suited to athletic competition. The Kremer prizes are administrated by the RAeS who are said to be following the project. Greg is planning to test an improved version using cutting-edge windsurfer technology later this month.

Posted: 2 June 2015

152km/h on a speed wing!

Italian skier Armin Senoner is widely reported to have achieved a speed of 152.9km/h down the Königspitze in the Ortler Alps on March 20th.

The remarkable flight, achieved on the radical new 5.5m Swing Mirage, is said to have exceeded French pilot François Bon's 2006 world record of 146.46km/h, a goal Armin has been pursuing for some time.

Press reports mention FAI involvement but no record documentation appears to be lodged at FAI HQ. If there is any genuine FAI world record involved it will be in having established a new record category and then achieved ratification! Nevertheless, 152.9 km/h is, er, going some!

Posted: 2 June 2015

Parafest is sold out!

The three-day free-flying Parafest event at Llangollen on June 12th - 14th is now sold out and full to capacity.

No tickets of any kind are available and none will be available on the gate.

Capacity is limited by the local authority; please do not turn up on the off-chance - there will be no further ticket sales and no admission without a ticket.

Posted: 2 June 2015


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