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Skywings Archived News - Mar 2014

Farnborough Airspace Update 2

There may have been problems with some on-line responses submitted to the Farnborough consultation.

A particularly curious and tenacious member of Southdown Gliding Club has uncovered what might be a major issue with the technology that TAG are using to collect inputs to the ACP consultation. He noticed that some of the members of his gliding club had received confirmation emails after they had submitted a response, but others had not.

As he had not received an email response when he sent his own input to TAG, he contacted TAG to ask whether or not they had received it, and was told that nothing had come in from him on the day when he said he had sent it.

This raises the possibility that anyone who has submitted an input, but has not received a confirmation email, may not have their responses considered or counted.

The BGA are checking into this in more detail, but wanted to flag the possibility of a problem straight away.

If you have submitted a response but not received an acknowledgement please send an email to farnborough@gliding.co.uk, so that the BGA can get an idea of how many people have been affected and take appropriate action on behalf of the GA Alliance.

Posted: 17 April 2014

Farnborough Airspace Update 1

In their role as the GA Alliance lead on the Farnborough airspace proposal the BGA have produced guidance material for those that wish to respond to the consultation.

The guidance material is available on the BGA website.

If you and/or your Club wishes to respond please do so. It is important to remember that two key things need to be applied to all correspondence with officialdom; remain factual and accurate, and do not just cut 'n paste someone else's input.

The BHPA will be submitting its own response.

Posted: 9 April 2014

BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide

The latest edition of the BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide (Version 2) has now been published on this website.

You can access this 8.11mb pdf file download by clicking on the image of the Guide's front cover displayed in the left hand column of our home page, and on other relevant pages throughout this website.

Posted: 20 March 2014

Farnborough - consultation on new class D airspace proposal

click to view hi res pdf map (929kb) Farnborough have launched a consultation on their proposal for substantial Class D airspace. For insomniacs and/or those who can admire smoke 'n mirrors, their consultation document is available on the TAG Farnborough Airport website.

The potential effects of this upon all forms of GA are significant, needless to say the potential effects are not good ones ... unless you happen to being whisked to or from Farnborough in one of business jets that it now specialises in.

The BHPA is working with the GA Alliance on preparing a response that will object to the proposal in the strongest, but completely verifiable, terms. Because they probably stand to loose most the BGA are leading this work.

Lasham are holding an information meeting about the airspace change proposal for ALL aviators at 1pm on 23 March 2014. For full details including for those planning to fly in please visit the BGA website.

As they say, please pass this invitation on to all your air sport and GA flying friends.

For further information here you can download an article that will be appearing in the BGA's Sailplane & Gliding magazine using the following link:
S&G Extract

As anymore information becomes available it will be posted on this website.

Posted: 10 March 2014

Human-powered flight rally

Following two years of the newly-established Icarus Cup contest for human powered aircraft (HPF) being run under RAeS auspices, this year's event will be staged independently as a rally.

It will take place at Lasham, Hampshire on June 28th - July 5th. The occasion will be more of a design/build/test event for university teams, with a 1.5km FAI triangle course and facilities to measure duration and speed performance.

Teams are anticipated from Bath, Southampton and Sheffield universities as well as the Edgley team; it is hoped that previous winners Airglow (2012) and Betterfly (2013) will also attend. For details, or to help, contact organiser Fred To at fredto@roade.wanadoo.co.uk.

Posted: 26 February 2014

Bronze for Brits at Pre-Worlds

Great Britain took 3rd place behind Columbia and the USA at the paragliding Pre-World Championship in Columbia.

The conditions at Roldanillo were less favourable than usual, but suited the man in form Alex Butler (Ozone Mantra 4). Alex was the highest placed Brit in 15th place, scoring for the team on all four tasks. Other pilots who contributed to the team place were 4th-placed woman pilot Emma Casanova (Niviuk IP6), Jamie Messenger (Ozone Enzo) and Richard Perkes (Ozone Mantra 4).

12 pilots from the UK entered; for full results please visit www.airtribune.com. Unlike last year there were no cloud or fire-flying penalties, but some controversy was caused by the first use of the conical end of speed section, with one pilot crossing the goal line without entering the ESS. The entire comp was run under a 2300m airspace ceiling with many warnings issued and some task disqualifications.

Posted: 26 February 2014

RAeC Trust bursaries

Applications are invited for the RAeC Trust bursary scheme for 2014.

Bursaries are awarded annually, aimed at facilitating young fliers aged between 16 years and 21 to take their qualifications to the next level. Bursaries include the Peter Cruddas Foundation Scholarship (up to £1,000), two President's Scholarships and the Breitling Bursary (each worth up to £750), and the Bramson Bursary (up to £500).

The scheme covers hang gliding, paragliding, gliding, parachuting and microlight flying, as well as helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.

In 2013 a total of 37 bursaries were awarded. Applicants must be UK citizens and resident in the UK. Applications, which must arrive at the Trust by March 31st 2014, should be submitted through a sponsoring organisation (eg the BHPA). Those interested in applying a bursary for 2014 should visit the Royal Aeroclub Trust website.

Posted: 26 February 2014

Youngsters coming thick and fast!

Hard on the heels of the news Ben Akhtar's CP at the age of 14 we learned that Theo Warden had qualified even closer to his 14th birthday at Airways last August.

Now we hear that Samson Shaw, son of Green Dragons legend Andy Shaw, achieved his CP rating on his 14th birthday on January 4th. If there are any other youngsters in the pipeline please let us know; it's all very welcome news.

Incidentally, Samson's dad Andy may have been the BAPC's (BHGA and BHPA's too) youngest-ever rated instructor, qualifying at 18 back in 1984!

Posted: 26 February 2014

UK out-and-return record passes 100km

We learn, belatedly, that the UK paragliding out-and-return record was pushed beyond 100km in August by Mark 'Wagga' Watts.

Launching on an Ozone Enzo at Mt Caburn on the 12th, Mark headed for Ashford, Kent. Reaching there and turning for home after two hours, he was able to get most of the way home, landing just 12km short at 4pm. Nevertheless this was enough to secure the UK record at 103.6km, eclipsing Mike Cavanagh's 71.9km flight made in April 2013.

Posted: 26 February 2014

Montmin access news

Annecy's Montmin launch has been significantly upgraded and there are now much better facilities for hang gliders, paragliders and spectators.

Road access is also being improved by widening and grading. The cheap minibus service to launch from the landing field is also constantly improving. During the high season there is a qualified 'regulator' on launch and control of vehicular access. Access for hang glider pilots is free but there is a small charge for recreational paraglider pilots.

Schools, SIV and tandems are a source of revenue to help pay for the regulator, whose main responsibility is to ensure comfortable access for recreational pilots. Visitors should acquaint themselves with local rules and customs before flying.

Posted: 26 February 2014


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