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Skywings Archived News - Jul 2013

UK paragliding goal record falls again

The UK paragliding distance-to-goal record was broken at least twice in May, and again on June 2nd when Kirsty Cameron (Ozone Enzo), Mark Watts (Ozone Mantra R11) and Hugh Miller (Niviuk Peak 3) flew 208km to goal at Dorchester from the Lawley.

In Kirsty's case the flight sets a new FAI ladies European record. Only nine over-200km paraglider flights have ever been made in the UK and June 2nd accounts for three of them! Of perhaps greater significance, 208km exceeds both UK rigid and flex-wing hang gliding goal records (163 and 177km respectively, set in 2011 and 2007).

We live in interesting times!

Posted: 29 June 2013

The Icarus Cup

Following last year's successful inaugural event, the second RAeC Human Powered Aircraft (HPA) Icarus Cup takes place at Sywell Airfield from July 19th - 28th.

The aim is to progress human-powered flying away from occasional record attempts towards a viable sport; it is hoped that FAI Category 2 status will also raise the competition's profile. Tasks include a duration event, 200m and 1km races, slalom flying, tests for take-off performance and accurate landing, and distance around a triangular course.

Sywell is quite a bit smaller than Lasham (last year's venue) but offers the advantage of being able to fly into the evening. 2012 winner Airglow will be appearing along with several other teams. A group of volunteers is being assembled to marshal the event; if you can help, contact organiser Kirsten Scully at kirsten.scully@aerosociety.com. Competition details are at http://aerosociety.com/Events/Event-List/525/HPA-Icarus-Cup.

Posted: 29 June 2013

Atos supine!

One of Avian's Rio 2 Supine customers recently asked for his Atos rigid to be converted to Avian's supine set-up. The reconfigured Atos is said to fly beautifully, with an extremely comfortable seating position and a wide trim range.

Avian boss Steve Elkins expects the UK triangle distance record to be broken by a pilot flying a supine glider. "The improved comfort makes a big difference to a pilot's performance after a few hours in the air," he says.

Posted: 29 June 2013

Kenya XC with Deano

Kenya's Rift Valley, is a world-class paragliding site that has launched many XC distance records. Dean Crosby will be running an XC course at Kerio from January 11th - 24th 2014.

Dean, former British Paragliding Champion and two-time XC League winner, has thousands of XC hours on paragliders, hang gliders and sailplanes, and has also captained British hang gliding and paragliding teams. The trip will have a small guide-to-client ratio and a maximum of six pilots. Experienced XC pilots should be able to capitalise on the Rift Valley conditions to undertake long flights.

Places are limited; book early at www.activeedge.co.uk/paraglide-in-kenya.php.

Posted: 29 June 2013

New Long Mynd Club website

The LMSC has launched a new website featuring a much-improved discussion forum, site reports via Twitter, news headlines, a Facebook page, chat box and web-cam view looking west from the Mynd.

It will be kept up to date with site information, such as closures for lambing, etc. This new site is pretty much everything a club website should be, with a mix of useful information including a comprehensive site guide, live interaction between active pilots and news feeds from a variety of sources.

Hats off to the LMSC! The new site is at www.longmynd.org.

Posted: 29 June 2013


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