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Skywings Archived News - Dec 2012

Comps masterclass

British comps and XC legend Pat Dower is offering a range of pilot development opportunities between now and next summer, including group development days, XC development workshops and an intensive Pilot Development Week at Annecy.

Pat is passionate about pilot development and takes a novel approach to the subject. New for 2013 is an intensive two-day Competition Preparation and Masterclass, based at the Derby and Lancs Gliding Club in the Peak District in February.

Pat prides himself on tailoring his work to the needs of individuals and groups and is happy to negotiate to meet their particular needs. For more information visit www.patdower.co.uk or e-mail him at pat.dower@isaacsuk.co.uk.

Posted: 5 December 2012

The Chabre Open opens!

The 8th Ozone Chabre Open will run from June 29th to July 5th at Laragne, France. This is a little later than usual to take advantage of a better weather window.

Despite the recent boom in Serial Class comps, the Chabre Open remains the ideal format for those less experienced in competition flying - a class competition with pilots scored against others on similar wings. Top-end competition wings will not be allowed but there will be a tandem class.

Achievable but challenging tasks will be set by a committee led by Meet Director Jocky Sanderson. The organisation will be led by local expert David Owen, and the après-fly mix includes evening task debriefs and talks, plus apéro, pizza, paella and barbecue events, and an Ozone glider will be given away at the Friday night prizegiving raffle!

Ozone, co-sponsor of the event with XC Magazine, say the Open is their favourite event. It's certainly the best learning environment for any budding XC or competition pilot. Further details and registration (opens January 19th) are at www.flylaragne.com.

Posted: 5 December 2012

Idris is Nova pilot of the year

After a good year with their Mentor 2 and Ion 2 gliders, Nova have nominated five of their team pilots as Pilots of the Year. Those selected were Kari Roberson (Australia) and Hans ter Maat (Netherlands), and Junior Team pilots Chavert ter Maat (Netherlands), Sebastian Benz (Switzerland) and the UK's Idris Birch.

The awards reflected their performance in comps and XC contests, their engagement for the Nova team and their communication skills in promoting the brand. Kari finished as 5th woman in the worldwide XContest; Sebastian flew more than 8,000km on his Triton and Factor 2 and set a new Australian open-distance record; Hans and his son Chavert won the Dutch Flatlands comp for the fourth time between them; and Idris won the British Championship sports class, finishing 6th overall on his Factor 2.

Each of the five was presented with a Garmin GPSmap 62s navigator.

Posted: 5 December 2012


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