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Skywings Archived News - Apr 2011

London Olympics Airspace Restrictions

Initial details of the Restricted and Prohibited Zones that will be in place for the London Olympics from 13th July - 12th September 2012 are now available on the London 2012 Air Space web site.

There will also be Restricted airspace around the "out of London" Olympic venues, but whilst details of these venues are available on the London 2012 web site, the dimensions and durations of airspace restrictions around them are not known at present.

For BHPA members the airspace restrictions will mean:

  • No flying within the Prohibited Zone
  • No powered flying within the Restricted Zone (the BHPA has asked for powered to be treated the same way as unpowered but has had no response yet)
  • No XC flying within the Restricted Zone
  • Other flying within the Restricted Zone limited to within 3nm of the launch site maybe possible as things stand at the moment (there was an un-notified change for balloonists in that they now need permission, and there are severe doubts as to the practicalities of the proposed permissions system)
  • There will be considerably increased traffic levels around the outside of the Restricted Zone as aircraft not able to enter treat it as a roundabout

This airspace is completely separate from the proposals from Southend, Farnborough, Oxford and NATS for temporary controlled airspace for the Olympics. Oxford have yet to publish details or approach the BHPA. But an 8-week consultation on the remaining areas is due to close on Thursday 26th May 2011. The consultation document is available from the NATS web site.

Natassia and Steve awarded RAeCT Bursaries

Natassia Spence (16, Beyond Extreme) and James Daniell (16, Mercian HGC) have both been awarded bursaries under the Royal Aero Club Trust's "Flying for Youth" programme which aims to help develop the flying ambitions 16 and 21 year-olds UK residents.

The scheme and the bursaries cover a huge variety of air sports and aviation-related activities including: paragliding, gliding, hang-gliding, parachuting, microlight aircraft, helicopter, fixed wing aircraft and the designing, building and flying model aeroplanes.

"I am delighted to have been chosen to receive this prestigious bursary," said Natassia.

"This award will definitely help me develop myself as a paraglider pilot, and I intend to use the money to achieve my goal of obtaining my Club Pilot qualifications."

For further information about this scheme and the bursaries available, please visit the Royal Aero Club web site.

Idris joins Nova Juniors

Up and coming Welsh star Idris Birch (20), currently studying geography at Swansea, has been accepted into Nova's Junior International Team. Idris started flying in 2007, inspired by his dad David who has been flying for over 20 years.

The Nova Pilots Team was started in 2006 to encourage and support enthusiastic pilots with the right attitude to represent the Nova brand and the sport. Now numbering more than 50 pilots from across the world, the team was joined in 2009 by the Juniors, all promising pilots between 16 and 25 years of age.

Nova's aim is to help them develop their potential. "Idris presented himself in a very professional way," says team manager Till Gottbrath, "and he came with personal recommendations from Steve Nash and Tom Payne. We are absolutely convinced that he will fit in." Nova team details are at www.nova-wings.com/english/welcome/team.html.

Fun comp at Cambridge Aerotow Club

To celebrate ten years of exceptional flying at Sutton Meadows the Cambridge Aerotow Club are organising a friendly competition, open to all hang glider pilots with an aerotow rating, on July 29th - 31st.

To maximise the fun the club will operate in conjunction with the Midland and Avon aerotow groups and their tugs to get pilots in the air as quickly as possible. The format will be an XC task for all levels during the day and a barbecue and beers in the evening on the airfield. All are welcome to camp on the airfield. Let the club know by e-mail that you are interested in attending; they will keep you updated and will be able to get a better estimate on numbers.

More details will be published in Skywings in June, but interest in the event is already high. For information contact Richard Murphy at fly@richardmurphy.demon.co.uk. Details about Sutton Meadows and the Cambridge club (and some fun hang gliding acro) are at www.cambridgeaerotow.co.uk/welcome.html.

The Dales Club at 25 years

The Dales club is one of the longest-established hang gliding and paragliding clubs in Britain. A new Youtube video, compiled from footage from many members, chronicles the club's first 25 years.

The video follows the evolution of Dales flying, from homebuilt hang gliders to high-performance paragliders. It captures the pioneering spirit of the club's founders and its many colourful characters past and present. History buffs should go to http://dhpc.org.uk and navigate from there. Narrated by Noel Whittall, it is rather good!

Wessex bash

The mighty Wessex club are holding their legendary Bash in the heart of Dorset, close to many of their flying sites, over the first weekend of 5th - 7th August. It promises to be a great weekend for fliers and non-fliers alike, with live music on Friday and Saturday night, real ale, a barbecue and much more.

Full details will be available shortly at www.wessexhgpg.org.uk.

Non-stop Nicole!

Clearly not content with her clutch of records set last year (women's world 50km triangle speed and 100km out-and-return speed, and world and european distance-via-three-turnpoints at 256km), Italy's Nicole Fedele has now polished off Fiona Macaskill's 2007 25km triangle speed record with a 28.39km/h flight from Gemona on March 3rd.

The earlier records were set on an Airwave Magic 4FR; the latest was on an Ozone Mantra.


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