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Skywings Archived News - May 2009

Solstice Cup

The Solstice Cup paragliding rally is scheduled for the south coast of the Isle of Wight on the weekend of June 20th - 21st. It is a fun event set on the longest day, suitable for low-airtime pilots to broaden their soaring experience and increase their airtime in a supportive but challenging peer-group environment.

There will be ground-handling and duration tasks, and a multiple-attempt "cats cradle" distance task around cliff-top turnpoints for the more confident. Other attractions include prizes, trophies, sunshine, music, dancing girls, beer, a barbecue, organic food, British currency, beaches, camping and no need for a passport. Places are limited for safety reasons so register as soon as you can. Details from butterfly@paraglide.uk.com.

World's first jet paramotor!

Mark Leavesley of Leavesley Aviation is to be the test pilot for a new turbine-powered paramotor project. The unit will be designed and built by British Aerospace CAD expert Terry Lane and Aston Martin engineer Gary Crosby, both former collaborators with Mark in award-winning turbine model work.

The engine selected is AMT's Titan model that produces 40kg of thrust yet weighs only 4.6kg. AMT are sponsoring the project along with Blueye Eyewear. Mark will use an Aircross U-Sport EN D wing and a harness that will incorporate kevlar fuel cells. "The project was a Team Leavesley Aviation idea some five years ago, but it's only started to come together this year," says Mark. "It will be heavy on fuel and loud as hell, but it sounds fantastic. It comes out really light so acro will be no bother. My only worry about this project is getting my ass burnt!"

A website dedicated to this project will soon be up and running at www.jetpara.com.

New base for Chill Out

Kari Eisenhut (PWC winner, European Champion and Flight Test Director at Advance) is moving his Chill Out Paragliding operation into brand-new premises next to the landing field in the centre of Interlaken.

The new building offers single and double accommodation and a bistro, plus weather and site information. The new premises will be opening on April 11th and 12th with presentations by Advance designer Thomas Ripplinger and Chill Out meteorologist Micha Schulze, plus talks about testing and development by Advance test pilots.

In addition to his usual Chill Out camps, Kari and his team will be running three five-day courses this year, tailored to the needs of the international flier and conducted in English.


This year's X-Scotia event will take place some time in April or May, "With even more flying than in the past," says Mike Jardine of the SHPF. There'll be details on the X-Scotia website at www.shpf.co.uk/x-scotia.php, or register your interest at xs@shpf.co.uk.

Check the July 2008 issue of Skywings for details of this brilliant event, won on that occasion by Steve Nash.

World Masters

The World Hang Gliding Masters is an international hang gliding championship for pioneer and veteran pilots. It runs at Bach im Lechtal in Austria's Tyrol from July 12th - 18th.

The 95-euro entry fee includes a local Aktiv Card for free transport to and from launch by chair lift and bus. Pilots must be over 50 years of age, flying Class 1 or Class 5 gliders. There's also a 30-euro entry fee for pilots that are not flying in the main competition.

Details from Volker Kastenhuber. Accommodation details from info@lechtal.at.

Berod and Sprüngli join U-Turn

French pilots Patrick Berod (former PWC Champion) and Vincent Sprüngli (X-Alps contender) have joined the U-Turn team. With designer Ernst Strobl the pair are to develop a new competition wing, an LTF2 XC wing and a special X-Alps-type canopy.

Having set benchmarks in acro and beginner wings, U-Turn are clearly serious about the high-performance competition and XC market.


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