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British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

BHPA Courses

The BHPA courses listed on this page are for qualified pilots. If you want to learn to fly a hang glider or paraglider, please visit our registered schools page.

Coach Courses
Please note that the club coach course fee is now £30 per participant, and £20 for a retake.

Existing coaches are reminded that the BHPA now operates a system of Coach Revalidation, and that FSC recommends that coaches re-attend a Coach Course at least every five years to ensure that nothing gets forgotten, and that they are fully up-to-date with current thinking.

Instructor/Senior Coach Course 2021
Members booked on to the previous cancelled courses will be given priority, followed by those on the reserve list. For further information please contact Stephanie Blankley.

2021/2022 Course Location Contact
27-29 September Instructor/Senior Coach Course Lilleshall National Sports Centre email: Stephanie Blankley tel: 0116 289 4316
16-17 October Club Coach Long Mynd Soaring Club email: Sian Leavesley tel: 07977 385 673
13-14 November Club Coach Derbyshire Soaring Club email: Andy McDonald tel: 07795 104 085
4-5 December Club Coach Southern HG Club email: John Turczak tel: 07865 080 596
15-16 January 2022 Club Coach Thames Valley HGC email: Mike Byfield tel: 07443 874 251
12-13 February Club Coach Dales HG & PG Club email: Peter Logan tel: 07795 426 748
12-13 March Club Coach Rutland Airsports email: Lee Pearce (28204) tel: 07446 112 886
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Last updated: 03 March 2021


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