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BHPA Registered Schools

Hang Glider (Courtesy Darren Blackman)

BHPA Registered Schools will train you at a rate of progress that is suitable for you. They are monitored for safety, the quality of the training they offer, and the equipment they use, and their instructors are licensed by the Association.

When you start training at a BHPA registered school you will be asked to take out BHPA membership. This includes £5 million 3rd-party insurance cover, but does not include personal accident cover.

BHPA registered schools usually offer a variety of training packages. If you opt for a Elementary Pilot or a combined Elementary and Club Pilot course you can apply online for Trial Membership (3 months) or Full Annual Membership.

Most schools also offer a one day taster course which is ideal if you are not ready to commit to a full course of training. When you arrive for a taster day at a BHPA registered school your instructor will ask you to apply online for BHPA One Day Membership.

One Day Introductory Membership can only be applied for on the actual day of your taster course because it is only valid on the day of issue.

For a better understanding of the various disciplines available within our sport and the training options available at each school, please visit the Our Sport and Learn to Fly pages.

A UK wide network of BHPA recreational clubs look after flying sites in their area, and offer guidance and assistance to qualified pilots at a local level. You can also contact your local recreational club for further information about BHPA registered school operating in your area before you commit to a course of training.

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