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Preview by Shrink the Web Flybubble - Paragliding Trips & Courses Abroad
Flybubble Paragliding provide first-rate paragliding trips and courses worldwide, for all levels of paraglider pilot. Our trips are well organised, offering a friendly professional service from our dedicated Flybubble Team, led by highly experienced Chief Flying Instructor and winning British team pilot Carlo Borsattino and the Flybubble team.
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Preview by Shrink the Web Flying Fever
Nepal - Cross-country expeditions in the Himalayan foothills.Nov-feb SIV above the lake. Advanced competion training in conjunction with top european pilots. Expeditions to Outer Mongolia and The Outer Hebrides. Thermaling xc courses in France. Training on the Isle of Arran Scotland.
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Preview by Shrink the Web Magiclift Speedflying- and Miniwing-courses
Before you go flying with miniwings or speedflyers you need to become fit in the theory. The Magiclift miniwing - and courses in Horgen near Zurich give you a insight based on the knowledge you have as a paragliding pilot. In wintertime you can join us speedflying in Hoch-Ybrig, 45 minutes away from Zurich.
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Preview by Shrink the Web Miniwing and speedflying school
Our mini wing school offers various training miniwing or speed flying courses. Whether you are a complete beginner, eager to hone your training or with the will to discover new horizons, we necessarily have a course that matches your expectations.
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Preview by Shrink the Web Sky Paragliding Overseas Development Courses & Holidays
Development courses and guided holidays of the highest standard. Accommodation on take off.rnBHPA Instructor led.rnMax group size 4 pilots
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Preview by Shrink the Web Skylark Paragliding - Advanced Courses
Cross Country Courses A little extra training at home can go a long way. If you're struggling to climb out, a couple of hours with an instructor on the dual glider should have you climbing with the best of them. Join us in India's para-paradise for XC training, easily accessible and probably the most thermals per pound you'll find anywhere!
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