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Preview by Shrink the Web Airworks SIV
This course is personally tailored specifically to ensure that whatever level pilot you are now, you'll remain in one piece to become an old pilot! As well as being educational, SIV is great fun...
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Preview by Shrink the Web Alpine Ascent
Paragliding Holidays in the French Alps, Chamonix, Annecy and Grand Bornand. Post CP weeks and weekend flying, fly guiding, introduction to mountain flying and XC courses and thermalling technique. Clubs and groups welcome. Excellent accommodation in spacious chalet in Chamonix with great food.
Hit(s): 2,653   Added: January, 8, 2007   Last Updated: May, 14, 2021 03:21:03 AM

Preview by Shrink the Web Escapexc
Escape is one of the world's top international paragliding training companies run by Jocky Sanderson, a test pilot and national coach, who is a world renowned figure on Paraglider safety and cross country flying. We offer advanced instruction in both Cross country flying, (XC), and Safety manouvres clinics , (SIV), worldwide.
Hit(s): 3,869   Added: May, 19, 2005   Last Updated: May, 14, 2021 03:21:01 AM

Preview by Shrink the Web Extreme Air
Paragliding course in Queenstown, New Zealand.
Hit(s): 2,480   Added: July, 18, 2005   Last Updated: May, 14, 2021 03:21:02 AM

Preview by Shrink the Web Flight Culture
Hit(s): 5,526   Added: February, 13, 2006   Last Updated: May, 14, 2021 10:36:50 AM

Preview by Shrink the Web Fly Spain
Fly Spain is run by Britsh Instructors with a wealth of experience at all levels of tution, guiding and thermalling and Cross country from the beginner to the budding acrobat. We run regular weeks abroad offering all levels of S.I.V. We are based in Southern Spain in the beautifull region of Andalusia
Hit(s): 6,260   Added: October, 5, 2004   Last Updated: May, 14, 2021 03:21:05 AM

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