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BHPA Licensed Parachute Packers

A list of all BHPA licensed parachute packers is displayed below.

The BHPA licensed parachute packers database can be searched by name, location, or postcode.

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There are 31 entries in the BHPA licensed parachute packers database.

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Name Location Postcode Email Address
Mark Luscombe I.O.W PO mark.luscombe@gmail.com
Lee Bligh Vale of Glamorgan RG leebligh@cloudbaseparagliding.com
Mark Shaw S mark-shaw@bhpa.co.uk
Theo Warden Sheffield S theoawarden@gmail.com
Nicholas Roberts Glamorgan SA nicorobs@hotmail.com
David Thompson SA david-thompson@bhpa.co.uk
Stephen Hudson Derbyshire SK steve@d-f-c.co.uk
Andrew McDonald Derbyshire SY andy-mcdonald@bhpa.co.uk
Thomas G E McMeakin Somerset TA tomouse4790@gmail.com
Stephen Purdie East Sussex TN info@airworks.co.uk
Ian Currer York YO ian-currer@bhpa.co.uk
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Last updated: 23 November 2023

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