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Importers & Manufacturers Safety Notices

The following Safety Notices have been issued by equipment manufacturers, importers or distributors.

Document Details File Size Uploaded
mfr033.pdf Advance Progress 3 and Easiness 2 harnesses (certain serial numbers) 253k 05.06.2024
mfr032.pdf Gin Carve 2 and Falcon 2 1207k 02.04.2024
mfr031.pdf Skywalk Tapa X-Alps 1298k 09.02.2024
mfr030.pdf AirDesign gliders produced in 2018 624k 10.11.2023
mfr029.pdf Atos VQ Race glider 2118k 26.09.2023
mfr028.pdf Ozone Neoprene Speed Wing Brake Handles 134k 18.11.2022
mfr027.pdf Gin G-Lite rescue parachute deployment bag (G-Lite 32 and 39) 279k 02.11.2022
mfr026.pdf Ozone BV1 harnesses produced before November 2022 2293k 26.10.2022
mfr025.pdf Supair Parachute Bridles 247k 08.06.2022
mfr024.pdf Sky Paragliders Twin Harness 128k 08.06.2022
mfr023.pdf BGD Snug Harness 696k 08.06.2022
mfr022.pdf Woody Valley X-R7 (all with plastic rescue handle) 1929k 21.03.2022
mfr021.pdf NEO String 3.0 harness production year 2021 70k 23.02.2022
mfr020.pdf Supair Walibi Lite harnesses manufactured before 2019 197k 12.07.2021
mfr019.pdf Icaro Gravis 1 Paraglider 455k 10.03.2021
mfr018.pdf Gin Genie Lite3 Rescue Deck 1297k 05.03.2021
mfr017.pdf Gin Genie Lite 3 7106k 02.02.2021
mfr016.pdf Woody Valley GTO Light2 1818k 25.08.2020
mfr015.pdf Woody Valley X-R7 522k 30.03.2020
mfr014.pdf Supair Sora 2 size 42 Attachment Points 122k 28.10.2019
mfr013.pdf Finsterwalder Quick-Out Carabiner 116k 01.04.2019
mfr012.pdf Independence Paragliding Deployment bags for reserve parachutes 1039k 26.02.2018
mfr011.pdf Batten Retaining Clip 348k 02.06.2015
mfr010.pdf Aeros Wire Alert 812k 02.01.2015
mfr009.pdf Woody Valley Buckles Update 1441k 04.10.2014
mfr008.pdf Woody Valley Buckles 251k 04.08.2014
mfr005.pdf Aeros Combat Hang Gliders Produced Between 2011 - 2013 62k 12.08.2013
mfr004.pdf UP Ascent 2 and Kantega XC 134k 28.05.2009
mfr003.pdf Moyes Matrix Harness and Parachute Deployment 331k 31.03.2009
mfr002.pdf Gin Boomerang Sport, Boomerang and Yeti Competition Wings 5k 02.06.2008
mfr001.pdf Sup'Air Altix and Evo XC Harnesses 296k 16.05.2008
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Last updated: 5 June 2024


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