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BHPA Documents

The following table lists all BHPA documents available on this website.

All BHPA forms available on this website are listed on our BHPA forms page, the fees charged by the BHPA are listed on our BHPA fees page, and a list of all available BHPA club bulletins can be found on our club bulletins page.

You can also download a list of printed BHPA 'versioned' training documents, available from the BHPA office to schools, clubs and registered licensed members.

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please contact the BHPA office.

BHPA Documents
AR_tug_matching.pdf Aerotow tug to glider speed matching 197k 02.05.2013
Acronyms.pdf Acronyms frequently used in airsports. 75k 26.03.2019
Advanced_Pilot_Exam_Syllabus.pdf Syllabus and notes for the "Advanced Pilot" Exam. See also "Advanced Pilot" Tasks. 368k 16.06.2015
Advanced_Pilot_Tasks.pdf Tasks for "Advanced Pilot" Rating - for information only. Members wishing to take their "Advanced Pilot" exam are advised to consult the Pilot Task book (available from the BHPA Office) 44k 06.10.2012
Alternative_Entry_PRS_2013.pdf Alternative Entry to the Pilot Rating Scheme - Information for pilots who have trained outside of the BHPA, and wish to join the BHPA and the BHPA Pilot Rating Scheme. 75k 18.04.2013
BHPA_2020_AGM_pack.pdf The BHPA 2020 AGM Pack includes details of members standing for election and a proxy voting form. 179k 04.02.2020
BHPA_Certification_Factsheet.pdf BHPA Certification Factsheet 63k 14.09.2017
BHPA_D_&_E_of_O.pdf BHPA Diversity and Equality of Opportunity Policy. 107k 26.03.2019
BHPA_EP_Training_Guide.pdf BHPA Elementary Pilot Training Guide 8842k 08.02.2018
BHPA_M_and_A.pdf BHPA Memorandum and Articles of Association (amended 27 February 2016) 205k 24.09.2016
BHPA_Rules.pdf BHPA Rules for Individual Flying Members 74k 03.07.2017
BHPA_Tech_Manual_19.pdf BHPA Technical Manual - Latest version (includes all amendments up to and including amendment 19) 2281k 21.04.2020
BHPA_Tech_Manual_s18.pdf BHPA Technical Manual - Superseded version (includes all amendments up to and including amendment 18) 4175k 21.04.2020
BHPA_loan_scheme.pdf BHPA Loan Scheme 97k 26.11.2020
Child_Protection.pdf BHPA Child Protection Policy 53k 29.06.2009
Club_Repack_Guide.pdf How to run a BHPA Club Repack 90k 03.12.2016
Coach_Course_setup.pdf How to set up a two day BHPA Club Coach course 76k 17.03.2020
Collision_Avoidance.pdf RAF pamphlet about the mid air collision potential in the skies near RAF Fairford 1179k 19.02.2015
Dealing_with_press.pdf Dealing with the media following a serious incident 65k 12.03.2015
Dual_Flying_Factsheet.pdf Dual Flying Fact Sheet 1059k 16.09.2015
En_pg_classes.pdf EN PG Classes Summary - EN Paraglider Classes & Pilot Skills 59k 02.04.2019
Evidence_of_Insurance.pdf Evidence of third party aviation insurance 1774k 10.02.2020
FAI_anti-doping_rules.pdf FAI Anti-Doping Rules & Procedures 507k 19.12.2014
First_Aid_Certs.pdf Suitable first aid certificate guidance for instructor licences 92k 30.04.2015
HG_Airworthiness_Certification.pdf Hang Glider Airworthiness Certification 53k 26.02.2019
In_an_emergency.pdf Who to call in an emergency in the UK - fact sheet 229k 17.12.2014
Info_for_visiting_pilots.pdf Guidance for visiting overseas pilots 294k 22.10.2015
Parachute_Advice.pdf Emergency Parachute Advice (extract from pilot Handbook) 582k 21.06.2012
Parachute_Repacking.pdf Emergency Parachute Repacking - Liability Insurance 74k 18.08.2017
Paramotor_SPHG_C_of_C.pdf SPHG Code of Conduct for paramotor pilots and pilots of other types of SPHG, replacing old and unused Foot Launched Self Propelled Hang Glider Code of Practice (2005) 84k 18.03.2020
Pilot_Exam_Syllabus.pdf Syllabus and notes for the "Pilot" Exam. See also "Pilot" Tasks. 43k 13.01.2010
Pilot_Tasks.pdf Tasks for "Pilot" Rating - for information only. Members wishing to take their "Pilot" exam are advised to consult the Pilot Task book (available from the BHPA Office) 55k 05.12.2015
PowerCoach_Licences.pdf Power Coach and Senior Power Coach Licences 13k 13.01.2010
SIV.pdf SIV Course Information Sheet 28k 13.01.2010
SSDR.pdf Microlights (including SSDR's) and the BHPA 109k 06.01.2017
Site_Sovereignty.pdf To avoid inter-club and inter-sport disputes, and help protect existing sites, this Site Sovereignty Code of Practice applies to both Clubs and individual pilots. 120k 04.09.2018
Speed_flying.pdf Speed Flying Qualifications and Training 96k 07.12.2015
Tow_Permit_Guidance.pdf BHPA guidance on applications for inclusions in the AIP (e.g. permanent permit to tow at a particular site to above 60m agl) 88k 29.07.2020
Training_for_qualified_pilots.pdf Training for Qualified Pilots Information Sheet 73k 19.09.2010
Volunteer_expenses.pdf BHPA Volunteer Expenses Policy 49k 08.05.2014
The following documents are also available upon request
Guidance Notes on Sites Negotiations Request Document
Guidance Notes on Windfarms Request Document
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The Pilot Handbook can be purchased online in the BHPA shop

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