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BHPA e-News - May 2012 Update

May 25th 2012

e-news update - from the Skywings Team Overcrowding at Llangollen The North Wales HGPC site at Llangollen has been the start point for many XCs, the most successful being Carl Wallbank‘s 280km UK flexwing open distance record to Weymouth on April 15th. The site‘s reputation makes it popular not only with NWHGPC members but also with visiting pilots from far and wide, whose numbers sometimes exceed those of club members wishing to fly. There have been times when members have chosen not ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - May 2012

May 5th 2012

May 2012 e-news - from the Skywings Team Submit Incident Reports online! Pilots can now submit Incident Reports on the web. A new online reporting system has been extensively trialled and is now live on the BHPA website. It involves filling in a relatively simple Online Incident Report form that automatically logs your report, assigns it a specific number and generates an e-mail confirmation. The system can also accept sketches or photos if required. The BHPA Incident Report (IR) syste ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - March 2012

March 15th 2012

March 2012 e-news - from the Skywings Team New BHPA Chairman At the BHPA AGM in Nottingham on March 3rd Martin Heywood stepped down from the Chairman‘s role he has held for more than eight years. Rising to the challenge is Marc Asquith, already BHPA Chairman for several years in the late ‘90s. Martin becomes Vice-Chairman and continues as Insurance Officer; Marc‘s BHPA Company Secretary role will be taken on by John Nash. These changes ensure continuity and safe hands. Offi ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - January 2012

January 21st 2012

January 2012 e-news update - from the Skywings Team  EN paraglider classes and pilot skills The BHPA table relating EN/LTF glider certification classes to the appropriate pilot skill levels required to fly them safely is now available for ready access on this website. The table builds on the EN certification scheme‘s own description of the sort of pilot level required for each certification class, and adds a rough guide to the level of experience and currency levels that are appro ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - January 2012

January 5th 2012

e-News January 2012 Certification houses quit EN D testing   Air Turquoise, European Academy, Aerotest and the DHV have all agreed to a temporary stop on the testing of top-end EN D paragliders. This move follows an accident on November 25th involving Alain Zoller of Air Turquoise, who was knocked unconscious in a heavy landing in Lake Geneva after losing control of a glider under test. Zoller has been testing paragliders for more than 20 years and is reported to have not had to deploy an em ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News

November 22nd 2011

e-News November/December 2011 Website Maintenance The BHPA web server is being moved to a new datacentre at the end of November. The physical move is scheduled to take place after 10pm on Saturday 26th November 2011, and if all goes according to plan the work should be completed by 6am Sunday on 27th November 2011. During the move our web site, and all BHPA hosted mailing lists and email addresses will inevitably be offline. But emails received will be queued, and delivered when ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - Urgent Notice: Paragliding Competitions

July 18th 2011

British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association  Urgent Notice: Paragliding Competitions Following the recent events at the Paragliding world championship in Piedrahita, the following statement was issued by CIVL:- "Due to recent incidents at the 12th FAI Paragliding World Championship in Piedrahita, Spain the CIVL Bureau has temporarily suspended the certification of Competition Class Paragliders with immediate effect. This suspension means that paragliders classifie ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - March 2011

March 1st 2011

BHPA e-News A round-up of recent news items from the Skywings Team. BHPA AGM It turns out that Bisham Abbey is rather a nice sports place down by the Thames at Marlow, and quite the most pleasant spot the BHPA have chosen for an AGM in ages. The meeting opened with Chairman Martin Heywood recapping the significant happenings of the year, notably the seamless move to new offices at Merus Court and the increase in landowner insurance cover to £5 million. Martin also thanked John Aldr ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News

January 15th 2011

BHPA e-News A round-up of recent news items from the Skywings Team. BHPA Insurance Update Now that we are into 2011, all members of the BHPA are on the new insurance policy that we have with Hiscox, and are flying on the same basic third party coverage terms. In short this means that pilots have £2m third party cover, and, where an incident results in the involvement of the landowner (for example at take-off or landing sites), the landowner has up to £5m cover as an insured p ...Continue Reading

BHPA e-News - December 2010

December 6th 2010

BHPA e-News A round-up of recent news items from the Skywings Team. Parajet supports Jump for Heroes Jump for Heroes raises awareness for the Royal British Legion through the medium of extreme stunts. The team consists of three serving members of the Armed Forces who belong to the national skydiving team, plus a photographer, liaison officer and PR specialist. Jump for Heroes have jumped from the North Face of the Eiger, set world records in BASE jumping and appeared on T ...Continue Reading
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