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Skywings is a full colour A4 monthly magazine published by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd to inform, educate and entertain those in the sports of Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

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Skywings Classifieds

Last updated Wednesday 8th July 2015.

paragliders for sale

Ozone Mojo4 medium
Out of the bag approx 5 times and less than 1hrs air time. Condition reflects this ie. as new. Bought new 2013. £1499 ono , telephone: 01874658189 , e-mail

Advance Omega 8 25
Under 10 hours airtime Glider, rucksack, concentrina, bag, strap,speed bar, manual. £1000 , telephone: 07460000878 , e-mail

Independence Merlin 75-100KG
Gold <20hrs, harness, Helmet (large) with intercom, Brauniger vario, Skywatch Xplorer2 windy, ALL EXCELLENT CONDITION, £1000 all in , telephone: 07771567049 , e-mail

Peak-2 95-115Kg EN D.
A brilliant wing in perfect condition. Comes with Niviuk rucksack, concertina bag and a replacement upper line set. Tel : 07816 171616 , e-mail

Paraglider, Harness & Reserve
Ozone Mojo3 ENA Large, <20hrs airtime total, recent service. Voyager plus harness fitted with reserve. Ideal for new pilot >75kg. £1600. , telephone: , e-mail

Ozone Mojo 3 med 80-100 kg
vgc Colour orange / white / blue. Ozone oxygen harness med with Apco reserve all paper work £1200, tel: 07957753326, e-mail

Ozone Buzz Z4 small 65-85kg,
EN B, full service report April 2015, very good condition £1800 ONO , telephone: 07914804181 , e-mail

Sky DHV1/2 2008 wing 105kg max
blue/yellow very low hours. Independence harness, reserve, speed bar. Lazer helmet 58/61 (large) £950 ono the lot. Bristol. , telephone: +447966527894, e-mail

Firebird GRID mk2
Blue and White. Large. VGC still crispy no rips plus new Firebird rucksack £500 ono.Plymouth, telephone: 01752 252825, e-mail

Nova Mentor EN B 70-90kg
unused or serviced for 2/3 years.Excellent condition last time flown. £250. Also small sup-air mountain bag £50. , telephone: 0191 5236886 , e-mail

Gin Bolero-3 Large 100-120kg; Gingo Air Lite Harness- Large; Gin One G42 Reserve 100-130kg; Rucksack; Carbon seat; Ozone concertina bag. Bargain now reduced £1200. See: , telephone: 07729299110 , e-mail

hang gliders for sale

Aeros Discus Medium
DHV Cert Less than 100 Hours Recently professionally serviced. £2000 ono , telephone: 07968085403 , e-mail

Moyes Rs4 Code Zero Carbon.
Excellent condition with new wires, looks like new, handles and flies beautifully with the best glide of all the flex wings. Test fly then offer. Telephone: 07880 545672 , e-mail

ATOS VX tandem, 230kg MAUW,
BHPA CofA, excellent condition, 2005, 200hrs £8000 o.n.o , telephone: 01892-529268 , e-mail

Aeros Stealth KPL 1 13m - upper weight limit 85kg,
very good condition £650 ono see Tel: 07707 530092 e-mail

Pasted Graphic

powered hang gliders for sale

Doodlebug mk 1 PHG harness,
pull start, c.p. tuned exhaust, auto de-compressor, high efficiencey beech prop - £1400 ono, telephone: 01785 816306, &ensp;&ensp;e-mail

paramotors for sale

Parajet Volution Macro
(2010 model), Gin Boost paraglider wing (Large) w/paramotor risers, Gin One-G 42 metre reserve parachute. 26 hours flying time. Serviced at Parajet factory (4 miles away), £390 , telephone: 01747854109 , e-mail

equipment for sale

Woody Valley Tenax Hang Gliding Harness.
Fit up to 44 chest, 5'8 to 5'11". Blue & black. Older model but only used twice only, excellent Condition. Best offer , telephone: 07966077626 , e-mail

Airworthiness status for hang gliders and paragliders

All advertisements displayed above for the sale of new or used hang gliders and paragliders should carry one of the three following clearly legible statements or no statement at all:

Hang gliders: BHPA, DHV, or HGMA Certification (depending on the certification authority) - In this case each model and size of glider advertised must have this certification.

Paragliders: DHV/EN/LTF/SHV Certification - The glider offered for sale has this certification and carries a verification label to that effect. The certification classification must be stated, e.g: EN A, Standard, LTF 1/2, etc.

Registered: The glider has been previously registered under the BHPA Airworthiness Scheme and carries a verification label to that effect. A new owner must apply to re-register it with the BHPA office.

NB. If no statement is displayed, it's implicit that no certification exists or no certification status information has been supplied for that particular glider or wing.