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Skywings is a full colour monthly magazine published by the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association Ltd to inform, educate and entertain those in the sports of Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

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Skywings Classifieds

Last updated Sunday 23rd September 2016

paragliders and equipment for sale

For Sale Advance Sigma 9
(26) 75-100kg. Azure blue, as new condition. 27 hours airtime. Alway concertina folded. £1500. Tel: 07957 421825, email

Sky Metis 2 Tandem.
120-220 kg. Complete kit. Excellent condition - less than 20 hours. Still crispy, no tears or repairs. With two harnesses, Sky reserve, Charly Quick-outs and large rucksack. £1,800.00. Tel: 44 1305 251755 / 44 7968 186 308. Email

Ozone Mojo 4, medium
80-100kg, ENA, blue/white, 7hrs, immaculate condition. £1400 also Ozone Oxygen 2 large £300. tel. 07809 154353, e-mail

Nova Artax, Large,
DHV 1-2, 100-130 Kg, Red/Black, 60 hours, Loft Service March16, Manual and glider bag, £500 but open to offers tel 07771986229, email

Nova Primax S
LTF1/ENA in Royal colours with AirTech EVO harness, helmet and boots. As new, never been in the air!! Open to offers. 07741 003207 or email

Dudek Synthesis EN C size 34.
135 to 165 kg. 0 flying hours ground handled only. Purchased in error. Carefully stored in doors. Manual and glider bag £500 , telephone: 07950322863 , e-mail

Skywalk Arriba medium.
EN B. Lightweight mountain wing only 40 hours.All very goods or goods on last inspection,not flown since.£500, telephone: 01433631891, e-mail

Full Kit 35hours use. Nova Mamboo small
blue. Charly harness Best of Air, blue/grey. Charly reserve. Charly flying suit, small, blue. Icom radio. All good condition. One careful owner. Telephone: 07710150970 , e-mail

Gradient Bright 5, 2015,
EN-A,75-100kgs, Black/white/lime, zero hours, NIB, rucksack, inner-bag, helmet and radio included, reduced to £1850. Hertfordshire , telephone: 07795 060129 , e-mail

Advance Epsilon 7,
ENB 85-110kg, gold, 40hrs, very good condition, £995. , telephone: 07922088208, e-mail

Kortel Kamasutra II harness with cocoon pod.

Carbon seat. One of the very best pod harnesses ever made. Superbly comfortable. Many adjustable features. Large rear compartment,2 side zip pockets and a, telephone: 07900918718, e-mail

Airwave Sport Competition paraglider.
DHV 1-2. Large 95 -120 kg. Rare glider and last one designed by Bruce Goldsmith at Airwave. Blue, white and yellow. This is the tuned version of the Sport 4 but , telephone: 07900918718, e-mail

Advance Epsilon 7,
ENB 85-110kg, gold, 40hrs, very good condition, £995. , telephone: 07922088208, e-mail

Gradient Bright 5,
2015, EN-A,75-100kgs, Black/white/lime, zero hours, NIB, rucksack, inner-bag, helmet and radio included, reduced to £1850. Hertfordshire , telephone: 07795 060129 , e-mail

Gin Bolero 4 medium
80-105kg, orange/grey, less than 30hrs, only 4hrs after Loft service Mar15, complete with Gin rucksack and Gin concertina bag. Changed wing for better weight range, open to offers , telephone: 07875854845 , e-mail

Gin Atlas EN-B Large
(95-115kg) under 50 hrs excellent condition no siv Gin reserve one+ vario radio deck sac concertina bag £1500 , telephone: 07954541207 , e-mail

OZONE RUSH II EN B/ LTF 1-2, large
100-120kg,less than 30hrs from new, young family forces sale, excellent condition for year, v clean, no rips/ damage/ repairs etc £1275ono , telephone: 07899793265 , e-mail

Ozone Mojo5, EN A, medium
80-100kg, 23hrs, purple/blue, as new. £1550ono , telephone: 01946833241, e-mail

brand new unopened: Ozone Jomo medium.
Geo bag xl Large Saucisse Concertina Bag Lite. Health issues forces retirement. Worth £2500. Asking £2000 ono , telephone: 01874 658189 , e-mail

Gradient Bright 5 ENA, size 26 75-100kg,
2015, zero hours, NIB, black/white/lime. Rucksack and inner bag included. £2050 ono. 07795060129, e-mail

NOVA ION 3 size medium
(90 -110kg) EN B, 6 months old, 15 hours. £1500. Call 07624 471514 / email

Nova Ion 25, EN B, 90-110kg,
low hours in very good condition. £625. 07977 374248, telephone: 07977 374248

Air Design Rise L 2012
ENB 100-125Kg (Ocean) 53 hrs mostly alpine, Loft check 2015, excellent condition/no repairs/original accessory pack, concertina packed. Upgrading to Rise 2. 07804 132478 i.sadle , telephone: 07804132478 , e-mail

Full Kit: Ozone Buzz Z4
(ML85-105Kg) wing EN-B, Oxygen2 Medium harness, Gin yeti reserve, saucisse bag, Plusmax helmet. All under 25 hours flying. Great kit in great condition. S.London. £2,000. 0 , telephone: 07973 302410 , e-mail

Nova Ion 25, EN B, 90-110kg,
low hours in very good condition. £625. telephone: 07977 374248

Flytec 6015 vario
brand new £250 ono.alinco radio DJ 175 brand new £95 Ono Call 07737622336 email

hang gliders and equipment for sale

Aeros Stealth KPL 1 13m
weight limit 85kg, very good condition, needs service £300ono. I've stopped flying for now https://sites.google.com/site/myglidersale TEL: 07707530092 E-MAIL

Avian Rio2,
few hours' airtime, Woody Valley harness, IQ altivario. £2,500. Winchester, Hampshire., telephone: 01962776060, e-mail

Woody Valley Cosmic HG Harness
Tall Medium Suit (ie 5' 11 ish approx 75kg ) Light use, excellent condition but with abrasion on tail. £325 , telephone: 07952636405 , e-mail

in storage since new. OAPilot offers this genuine bargain at £6500.ph 01382 580873 Tayside, telephone: 01382580873

Flytec 6015 vario
brand new £250 ono.alinco radio DJ 175 brand new £95 Ono Call 07737622336 email

paramotors and powered aircraft for sale

Bailey 175 4stroke.
Excellent condition. Electric start. Bailey competition fuelmod. Bailey carbon cowlmod. All carry bags. Cost excess £5k. £3000 ono. Crispy XL Paramania Action £500 ono. , telephone: 07828506541 , e-mail

Baillie V5 4 stroke paramotor,
just serviced, Swing Sting canopy (red, medium), gin reserve, owned from new, less than 30 hours airtime, great inter set up , £3,500 ono. telephone: 07737 224818 , e-mail

Airworthiness status for hang gliders and paragliders

All advertisements displayed above for the sale of new or used hang gliders and paragliders should carry one of the three following clearly legible statements or no statement at all:

Hang gliders: BHPA, DHV, or HGMA Certification (depending on the certification authority) - In this case each model and size of glider advertised must have this certification.

Paragliders: DHV/EN/LTF/SHV Certification - The glider offered for sale has this certification and carries a verification label to that effect. The certification classification must be stated, e.g: EN A, Standard, LTF 1/2, etc.

Registered: The glider has been previously registered under the BHPA Airworthiness Scheme and carries a verification label to that effect. A new owner must apply to re-register it with the BHPA office.

NB. If no statement is displayed, it's implicit that no certification exists or no certification status information has been supplied for that particular glider or wing.