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BHPA Licensed Parachute Packers

This page lists all BHPA Licensed Parachute Packers. You can also search for a licenced packer by name, location, post code, or email address.

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Name Location Postcode Email Address
Mike Townsend Cheltenham GL mike@skycatcher.plus.com
Jack Clark Buckinghamshire HP paramotor@gmail.com
James Styles Kent ME jamiestyles@me.com
Ronald D Freeman Northumberland NE ronald@freeman1956.freeserve.co.uk
Stephen Millson Abergavenny NP axis@paraglide.co.uk
Christopher White Abergavenny NP chrismeg.white@outlook.com
Mark Luscombe I.O.W PO mark@plumjam.co.uk
Ken Hammond Berkshire RG k.hammond209@btinternet.com
John Warden Sheffield S john@ffd.org.uk
Nicholas Roberts Glamorgan SA nicorobs@hotmail.com
Download: Emergency Parachute Advice (extract from BHPA Pilot Handbook Ed 3)
Download: Emergency Parachute Repacking (Clarification of Liability Insurance)
BHPA Licensed Parachute Packers data last updated: 14 March 2017 at 19:50:56 PM

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