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Incident Reports - Informal Investigations

This page lists all BHPA incident reports (informal investigations) available on this website. You can view all incident reports, or filter reports by Hang Gliding, Powered Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Paramotoring or Parascending. The incident report database can also be searched.

If a "formal investigation" has been undertaken into one of the incidents listed below, a link to the relevant formal report will be displayed below the incident date.

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Date Gender Age Rating Location Wind Speed &
Wing &
Launch Type
Glider Summary Injury
5 May 2001 Male 48 Pilot Near Doncaster
United Kingdom

Powered HG


Farmer found pilot in field with serious head injuries.

Serious head injuries, unconscious for several days. Possible brain injury. Right ulna fracture.
5 May 2001 Male 39 Club Pilot Chirk Airfield
United Kingdom
8-16 km/h

Winch Tow
Epsillon 3 (Medium)

Following a tow launch the pilot flew downwind to the landing area had insufficient height to make final turn into wind.

Double fracture of right tibia and fibula.
5 May 2001 Male 50 Club Pilot Reighton
United Kingdom
24-32 km/h

Foot (Reverse)

Pilot seen to be flying well behind the cliff edge. Canopy then seen to enter several severe manouevres before pilot impacted cliff top.

Fractured (R) tibia and fibula, (L) ankle, sternum and ribs on left side.
5 May 2001 Male 33 Club Pilot Westward Ho
United Kingdom
16-24 km/h

Foot (Assisted)
G Sport

Pilot became aware that the wind had picked up, could not penetrate forward resulting in him being blown back over the cliff top, cliiped roof of bungalow before crashing.

Sprained wrist
1 May 2001 Female 51 Pilot

Parachute would not pull free from the harness.

13 Apr 2001 Male 54 Cranes Corner
United Kingdom
0-8 km/h

Flexwing Hang Glider
Winch Tow
Hi Way

Student veered off course during tow launch, attempted to correct the turn but had insufficient airspeed, Student swung through control frame.

Broken upper arm.
10 Apr 2001 Male 29 Pilot United Kingdom


Canopy fabric discovered to be 1/2 the minimum strength during inspection.

3 Apr 2001 Male 55 Reading Leisure Centre Repack
United Kingdom

At BFR reserve deployed with centre pull line over canopy, - re-packed inside out.

1 Apr 2001 Male 33 Club Pilot Babadag
16-24 km/h

Foot (Reverse)

Pilot attempted to launch was dragged and became tangled in the lines of his friends canopy and then became airborne with friends canopy wrapped around his head. Another pilot assisted in bringing him down.

31 Mar 2001 Male 47 Lady Manners School Buxton
United Kingdom

Re-pack night several parachute problems discovered.

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