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Incident Reports - Informal Investigations

This page lists all BHPA incident reports (informal investigations) available on this website. You can view all incident reports, or filter reports by Hang Gliding, Powered Hang Gliding, Paragliding, Paramotoring or Parascending. The incident report database can also be searched.

If a "formal investigation" has been undertaken into one of the incidents listed below, a link to the relevant formal report will be displayed below the incident date.

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Date Gender Age Rating Location Wind Speed &
Wing &
Launch Type
Glider Summary Injury
1 Oct 2000 Male 38 Club Pilot Llantysellio
United Kingdom
32-40 km/h

Foot (Reverse)

Paraglider launched into very strong turbulent conditions and was immediately blown back over launch - he attempted to land but was dragged back over the hill.

Compression fracture of two vertebrae. Sprained ankle
4 Sep 2000 Milk Hill
United Kingdom
8-16 km/h


No details.

Possible FR collarbone
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